Every Man Remembered

Every Man Remembered

13 August 2014 | Pic PR

The Royal British Legion, in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is running a very poignant campaign at the moment – Every Man Remembered. The idea behind it is that every single man and woman from across the commonwealth who died as part of the First World War will be remembered individually for the sacrifice they made.

According to the British Legion, ‘the inspiration for Every Man Remembered came from 14-yr old Gemma who contacted us following a battlefield tour of France and Belgium with her local scout group and said “I know that not everyone can be remembered as individuals, but I felt it was a shame for some people to have dozens of poppies and crosses while others had no one left to remember them.”’

The website Every Man Remembered gives everyone the opportunity to either find a family member who died in the war or simply ‘remember’ someone, who otherwise may remain forgotten, by commemorating them on the site.

The latest addition to this campaign is the release of a series of posters which, in a very stark way, highlights names of soldiers from the First World War who share their names with famous people from today, with their birth to death years printed underneath. The posters serve as a reminder to what these forgotten people gave up to fight for their country. Those remembered by the posters include, Private Andy Murray, Private Harry Styles, Lance Corporal Alex Ferguson and Private Gordon Brown.

In my opinion this is a great way to connect with the younger generation who may not have the same understanding of the sacrifices that were made during WWI as it helps them to identify with the losses and perhaps become more engaged with the campaign.

So why not take this opportunity to visit the Every Man Remembered website and commemorate one of the 1.1 million people who died fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today. Don’t let them be confined to the past without so much as a memory.