Electric Car Orchestra

01 June 2016 | Pic PR

Recording studios may soon be on the move… literally!

Welsh singer-songwriter Cerys Matthews is helping to promote the Go Ultra Low campaign, a joint venture by the government and car industry to help encourage drivers to switch to electric cars.

It's not difficult to see why so many motorists are choosing to go electric, especially as there are financial benefits and no tailpipe emissions to consider. 

In this latest PR stunt, Cerys has highlighted a major perk to driving EVs – well, for musicians anyway. Due to the vehicles being so quiet, the acoustics are perfect for recording sound. Fancy that, eh.

The video follows the Catatonia singer and her band recording the bossa nova-inspired tune ‘Float On Down to Monte Carlo’, as they drive from a busy city into the peaceful countryside in four electric cars. No road rage in sight! 

It’s a clever performance, demonstrating the sophisticated experience of going green with an electric vehicle. The song's quite catchy too, which will no doubt help the campaign do the rounds on social media. 

Cerys is so enthusiastic by the whole idea that she’s even hired six EV’s for her festival in September! 

Whether the video will change people's driving habits is yet to be seen, but it's a neat little stunt that has made some noise to get the the campaign noticed.