Easter egg, anyone?

04 April 2017 | Pic PR

Think: Daffodils blooming, birds chirping, and stores stockpiling chocolate. That’s right, Easter is just around the corner. This festive season, we’ve been treated to yet another example of great PR from perhaps the most unlikely of sources – Pot Noodle.

Unilever UK has collaborated with Kinnerton confectionary to produce a new range of Easter Eggs. Twitter users everywhere have expressed their astonishment that Pot Noodle is amongst those included in the collection – with their very own chilli flavoured Easter Egg. Yep, you read that right. 

Packaged in the classic burgundy of the popular Bombay Bad Boy flavoured noodles, Pot Noodle Easter Eggs are now available in stores near you. As if they hadn’t tempted their customers enough, Pot Noodle has even thrown a ceramic mug into the mix. It remains to be seen whether anyone will actually buy an Easter Egg of such unusual flavour, but one thing is for certain – this egg has certainly generated some great PR for Pot Noodle. The staple packaging may well stir fond memories of tucking into the classic Bombay Bad Boy. Alternatively, the egg could always work as a good old-fashioned practical joke. Plus, you never know, some people might actually like chilli chocolate.

This stunt has coincided with the production of various other Easter Eggs modified to suit consumer needs. To accommodate for the rising demand of dairy-free products on the market, Holland & Barrett has recently come out with a dairy and gluten-free egg. On the opposite end of the spectrum, cheese-lovers will be thrilled to discover that Ford Farm has produced an Easter ‘Egg’ made from a combination of Wensleydale cheese, raspberry and white chocolate. This Easter, no-one has to miss out.

Arguably, however, there is one egg to rule them all: The marmite Easter Egg. Also produced as part of the Kinnerton collection, this Easter Egg certainly sounds like the most disgusting of the lot. Then again, maybe you’ll either love it or hate it.