The Dutch are flying the flag

The Dutch are flying the flag

16 October 2014 | Pic PR

The travel industry has struggled of late. First off it was the Malaysian Airlines double crash horror and now it’s the threat of Ebola becoming airborne putting many people off flying.

KLM, the Dutch airline has had the right idea though, in a time of worry and uncertainty why not allow some light-hearted fun? KLM kicked this off with the ‘Live High Five’ event based in New York and Amsterdam. The airline installed an interactive high-tech pillar inviting locals in the two cities to connect by trying to achieve the perfect transatlantic high-five.

The live steam allowed the public in Amsterdam the opportunity to high-five someone in New York, with both attempting to achieve the most accurate aim and timing. The winners bagged themselves free tickets to the opposing city, and a chance to high-five their accomplice in real life.

In my opinion, airlines have not done enough to reassure and install a sense of happiness back in to their customers. However, KLM are definitely leading the way here. This recent stunt received a lot of positive responses, not only from the cities in question but the surrounding countries too.

Alongside this, KLM recently launched a five-day-long social media campaign titled #HappyToHelp. Eager to prove their top quality customer service, KLM promised to help any traveller in need, whether they’re using their airline or not. The airline produced personalised YouTube videos after receiving requests from members of the public. This was a nice touch and a great way to build and sustain good relationships!

With a clever bit of PR and some specialised social media work – KLM has succeeded in bringing the world close together once again, despite the current headlines!