Dumb ways to die – help to sell life insurance

13 June 2014 | Pic PR

The original campaign “Dumb ways to die” was designed for train safety from Melbourne rail company Metro Trains. It compared recklessness around trains with a number of other stupid and fatal mistakes.

This original campaign was very successful which was helped by the fun characters and catchy theme song, and reached a global audience both online and through a game made out of the characters which could be bought world wide on the app store. The game app itself had close to 1 million downloads with the original advert having over 82 million views on youtube, it is safe to say that the audience from this was massive.

The Dumb ways to die campaign, characters and theme song has now been sold to Empire Life Insurance Co. , which is cutting its own ads from it. Three 30-second spots posted online play snippets from the original musical cartoon, before a female voice pipes in and says: “What’s the dumbest way of all to die? Having no life insurance.”

There are criticisms that the hijack of the campaign is a lazy effort from Empire Life Insurance Co. and that the campaign has reached is global capacity due to being old and reused material. This is a fair point, however I think the fit is quite quirky, not a bad fit and will definitely get the point across.