Draper “finally” lands Heinz account…decades later!

24 March 2017 | Pic PR

Heinz’s new advertising campaign will be delivered by none other than Mad Men’s Don Draper.

In the critically-acclaimed series – set on New York’s Madison Avenue in the ‘50s – chief protagonist and ad-man extraordinaire Don Draper pitched a campaign called “Pass the Heinz” to the brand’s top brass.

The campaign showed a series of foods – fries, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and steaks – against a plain white background without a single dollop of bright red ketchup or a shot of the famous bottle in sight.

In the show, Heinz rejected the idea because they couldn’t see how you could advertise a product without showing the product. But this week Heinz will be launching the campaign (using the same images featured in the show).

As a fan of Mad Men – and of tomato ketchup in general – I have to say I think this is quite an inspired piece of PR.

Firstly, the idea for the campaign put forward in the series was a really good idea, and it’s a testament to the ad execs that acted as consultants that Heinz have the idea wholesale. It has also gotten a lot of coverage, not just from fans of the show but from the wider media.

Heinz have even credited the idea to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (the fictitious agency at which Don works) – going as far as to create a press release that included an “About Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce” element.

It’s an incredibly inventive bit of thinking from the brand. And the Clio award for a company incorporating an iconic TV series into their latest real-word ad campaign goes to….