23 April 2015 | Pic PR

IT may not be the prettiest PR stunt ever but it was certainly hard hitting.

Two hundred body bags lined up on the normally picturesque Brighton.

Some of the bags filled with unmoving bodies.

But these people were very much alive. In fact they were campaigners from Amnesty International protesting against the UK’s response to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

Lying alongside a banner using the hashtag #DontLetThemDrown the black bags came as a stark reminder as to the number of real people dying in a desperate bid to get to the UK.

The stunt, which came ahead of an EU leaders’ meeting about the growing migrant crisis, of course follows the shocking revelation that anywhere up to 900 people may have drowned in Saturday’s boat disaster off Libya.

Or was it shocking.

Maybe to most of us living in relative oblivion to the number of people prepared to face death in order to flee their own countries for a better life in the UK.

But Amnesty International is clearly aware of how deep this crisis really is and took the chance to use the publicity surrounding the tragedy to really highlight to all of us general public the severity of the situation and the need for the government to act.

Already it’s working. People are beginning to ask, why are we letting these people drown? Why have we stopped sending rescue boats to save these desperate souls? I even heard someone ask on a morning news show, would you watch a child drown at the seaside.

This is perhaps why the beach side stunt, which took place in front of the East Sussex resort’s Big Wheel close to the pier, was so hard to see because it should be a place filled with families having fun, not the death of children, women and men.

Whether the protest forces the government to act only time will tell, but it’s definitely helped to keep the eyes of the press and the public focused on the tragic desperation of these immigrants – dead or alive.