Don't Cry For Me...

13 April 2015 | Liz Bowen

Madonna really isn’t having the best time of it of late is she?

First there was the controversy over the fact that her much anticipated comeback single wasn’t added to the Radio 1 playlist, with many arguing it was because the Queen of Pop was now considered simply too old to appeal to the station’s young audience.

Then, to prove she still had ‘it’, she showed up to the 2015 Grammy Awards wearing, well, not very much.

Several weeks later, her comeback performance at the Brit Awards – her first in 20 years – was overshadowed by that fall. Missed it? Google it.

Credit where credits due, no-one blasting Madge for being too old could argue with what happened next … Having plummeted backwards down three steps, a move that would knock 99.9% of, well, anyone really, out of whack for at least several minutes, she then proceeded to get straight back up and perform the entire song, plus choreography.

Her latest stunt saw her lock lips with 28-year-old Drake at Coachella Festival. Madonna? Kissing someone on stage? Surely not, I hear you ask. Yes, in a move reminiscent of her snog with Britney Spears (and Christina Aguilera, but no-one ever seems to remember that bit do they?) at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Madge is once again grabbing the headlines for sticking her tongue down someone’s throat.

The difference this time, unfortunately for her, is that far from seemingly being a willing participant in this stunt, in a video and image that is now viral, once it was over Drake apparently wipes his mouth in disgust. Someone may as well have given the man a scourer and a bar of soap.

Now, Madonna has never been a stranger to a stunt or causing her fair share of controversy. She is, after all, Madonna. She made her name pushing the boundaries. The problem is, since her comeback, her Madge just seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. I couldn’t name you a single song from her new album. I couldn’t tell you the name of her new album either come to that.

I know they say bad publicity is better than no publicity, but whatever happened to letting the music speak for itself? Don’t get me wrong, I realise the that one and three are not her fault – she doesn’t control the Radio 1 playlist, nor do I suspect that she willing volunteered to fling herself down a flight of stairs for the purposes of entertainment, but two and four? It strikes me as simply riding the wave of seemingly dubious publicity she’s received lately. It gets her name in the papers, I suppose …

Personally, I reckon if Madge came out on stage dressed more like, say, Kristin Scott Thomas, I think people would be far more shocked and likely to take note. The fact is, this behaviour just isn’t shocking anyone anymore. In today’s society, with the growing trend of the selfie and people like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian et al, jumping on board said trend, showing your assets just is no longer a big deal. It’s got nothing to do with age – people are just starting to be put off by over-exposure. Classy and demure is starting to fight back. Unfortunately for Madge, her antics at the Grammys and Coachella now just feel out of touch and a tad embarrassing.