Domino Run

31 July 2018 | Becky White

No, I’m not talking about pizza deliveries here. What I am in fact talking about is a delightfully tasty PR stunt – one which features tea and biscuits.

Taking pride of place on many of the UK’s kitchen shelves, Yorkshire Tea is, most definitely, one of Britain’s favourite tea brands. The team of which have recently released a biscuit-flavoured tea. Not only does this sound like heaven in a cup, it’s also a genius way of fusing one of Britain’s most popular flavour combinations... without the laborious task of having to do your own dunking (or risking a panic-inducing break off).

In celebration of the launch of this uniquely flavoured beverage, the team at Yorkshire Tea (34 of them to be precise) spent 10 hours of their time lining up a whopping 120 metres of British biscuits, teapots, cups and more than 500 boxes of tea. These were dispersed around the brand’s Harrogate office, each biscuit intricately placed to form a flawless confectionery contraption.

With delicious treats including pink wafers, shortbread, custard creams, bourbons and Jammy Dodgers in the mix, I’m not sure I would have been trusted to take part without a few going missing. A nation of tea and biscuit lovers, this brilliant PR stunt was sure to capture attention.

Yorkshire Tea’s innovation manager, Kate Holloran, took one for the team and started off the stunt with a gentle push of a shortbread finger. 5,000 biscuits and other tea-making items then followed suit in a perfect line, creating a domino-effect whilst the staff at Yorkshire Tea stood and watched in awe, celebrating as they pulled it off.

PR stunt aside, this is an accomplishment and a half. I, for one, hope that this new biscuit-flavoured tea takes off and I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for it – it can’t come quickly enough in my book!