Dogs Trust Ice Dog

Dogs Trust Ice Dog

23 May 2014 | Pic PR

Now the weather is getting warmer, UK-based dog welfare charity Dogs Trust has launched a campaign called ‘Hot Dogs’, highlighting the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars this bank holiday weekend and throughout the summer.

The campaign focuses on how it can take just 20 mins for dogs to die in hot cars, and shows this with a dog ice sculpture melting from the heat.

The concept of this idea is obvious, however I’m not sure how well it works with representing the dog with a block of ice. The dogs left in the cars are boiling hot, not ice cold? Now the ice melting obviously shows the car is hot inside, just not quite sure the representation of the dog works?

According to research commissioned by the charity, ‘almost half of people mistakenly believe it is OK to leave a dog in a car if counter-measures are taken (window open or parked in shade)’ and that Brits are ‘far more likely to leave their dog in a car alone for a few minutes (28%) than their phone (10%)’.

Dogs Trust has asked that people ‘share this campaign far and wide’, quoting the AA (Automobile Association) as saying that the number of potentially fatal incidents involving dogs trapped in cars has risen by more than 50% in the last six years.

Regardless of the representation of the dog, the campaign has been executed well – and the most important thing – the message – is clear.