Disappearing letters and Missing Types

Disappearing letters and Missing Types

11 June 2015 | Pic PR

This week is National Blood Week and you may have noticed some pretty important letters have been disappearing from some of your favourite shop fronts, street signs or brands which is all part of the ‘Missing Type Campaign’ by the NHS.

As part of the campaign brands were urged to lose A, O and B from their names, these letters represent the three main blood types and removing them from well known names serves to remind everyone that if more people do not donate blood then stocks of these types may go ‘missing’ in years to come.

Recent figures show that there has been a huge reduction in new donors coming forward, not only in the UK, but across the whole world. This could be down to the fact that people’s lives are getting busier with longer working hours and commutes. The noise from good causes is everywhere and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find time to focus on helping others or even finding the time to decide which good causes to take time to support.

However, in my opinion this campaign has been a great success. People may be familiar with the street signs or shop fronts they see everyday when commuting but when letters are disappearing all around you do become curious and investigate what the reason behind it is. The vanishing letters also extended to social media with people dropping the three important vowels from their names to help extend the reach of this powerful message.

This campaign has definitely raised my awareness of how important the issue is, and the fear of a loved one potentially needing a blood transfusion in the future and not having the resources to help them has been brought to light.

I, for one, will be signing myself up to donate blood and trying to overcome my huge fear of needles. Good work to all involved!