Dental Exploitation

Dental Exploitation

06 March 2015 | Pic PR

I would like to preface this blog by firstly saying I absolutely despise The Jeremy Kyle Show. I hate the concept, the people who put themselves in front of the world to air their most private grievances with each other and the way they think it’s ok to treat each other the way they do, and the fact that this is then all played out on national television. The producers of the show are no better…exploiting these people for their cheating, drug using, benefit living lives.

I don’t know one person who has ever admitted to watching or liking the show but it has remained on our television screens over the years with an American version also having been commissioned. I will admit that I have watched parts of an episode here and there, getting drawn in by the sheer ridiculousness of what is happening on the screen and wondering if this is actually real…surely these people must be actors? – Apparently not!!

Usually when the show is in the news it is because a past guest has got in trouble with the law or this is some other drama the tabloids will pick up on. However, the latest reason is that the Jeremy Kyle team has actually paid for a past guest to have her teeth done. This lady, who was on the receiving end of some really nasty abuse on social media following her appearance on the show, has had £10,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to fix her teeth courtesy of the show. The big reveal of her new smile will be televised on an up and coming episode of the show, initially I thought, “oh how nice, the show has finally decided to do something positive for someone”.

However, after doing some research into the show and this particular lady I found that the whole reason she was on the show was because she was apparently being harassed by her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. Reading coverage of this story it looks as though the ex is not one bit pleased that this surgery has been given to her.

So while this is a nice little PR hook for The Jeremy Kyle show, you may be mistaken to believe that they are beginning to care about their guests. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ex was included in this show to air her opinions on the new set of gnashers. Either way, the show has managed to get itself splashed across a number of national papers and consumer publications and I can guarantee the viewers for the programme will be higher on Thursday than it has been in a while. All in all a PR win for The Jeremy Kyle Show, which has made itself look good on the surface, whilst continuing its exploitative ways.