Deed poll disaster

Deed poll disaster

15 July 2015 | Pic PR

Imagine being completely unable to log in to your Facebook account – oh the horror. Well, for one unlucky individual that is currently the case.

In 2008 Jemma Rogers signed up to Facebook using a pseudonym to stop people she didn’t want to be friends with finding her. Seems logical and fair enough right? Well, Jemma decided to change her name to ‘Jemmaroid von LaaLaa’ and it hasn’t panned out quite like she imagined.

While changing your name to something so obscure may prevent unwanted friend requests, Jemma has actually been completely blocked from logging in to her own account until she is able to prove her identity to Facebook.

At risk of losing precious memories and messages, Jemma has gone to great lengths to prove her identity to the social media giant. From Photoshopping her bankcards and even changing her name via deed poll to ‘Jemmaroid von LaaLaa.’ But Facebook still doesn’t believe her!

It turns out that Facebook has a ‘real name policy’, which prevents cases like this happening and ultimately puts a stop to any type of name-based creativity. Drag performers and political activists have criticised this policy in the past for using less conventional names on their profiles.

“I can’t believe I’m stuck with this stupid name and I still can’t get into my Facebook” von LaaLaa has said, “I know I have been a complete moron, but Facebook are being ridiculous.”

Lesson learned – it’s probably best to be honestly yourself online and just politely ignore any unwanted requests…no matter how imaginative you’re feeling!