Dead Parrot

Dead Parrot

17 July 2014 | Lloyd Hughes

With the surviving members of the Monty Python team currently conducting a last hurrah of live shows around the country (the last one this Sunday, in fact) there has been a concerted effort to promote the performances.

One of the comedy group’s most popular ever sketches involved a ‘dead parrot’ of the ‘Norwegian Blue’ variety. The scene has frequently been voted one of the audience’s favourites due to its absurdity, as it plays heavily on British euphemisms and idiosyncrasies, whilst nose-thumbing those all too common merchants who refuse to believe that anything is wrong with their products.

In order to drum up interest and anticipation ahead of the final fling at the O2 Arena, which will be broadcast live to more than 2,000 cinemas worldwide, the marketing team behind the event came up with a novel idea. Namely, a dead parrot.

But not just any dead parrot. A 50-foot, fibreglass parrot to be precise, that was ‘laid to rest’ at Potters Fields near Tower Bridge using a massive crane. Following the stunt, which rather obviously caught people’s attention and received considerable media coverage, the parrot has been shifted to the O2, ready for Sunday’s goodbye. And with the cast now all in their 70’s, it really will be a fond and final farewell for one of Britain’s most loved comedy troupes.