The Curious Tale of the Texan Locked in a Bookshop

The Curious Tale of the Texan Locked in a Bookshop

17 October 2014 | Pic PR

I love books! I have a degree in English Literature and not because I always wanted to work in PR or journalism or had ideas of becoming a teacher but because I loved books and poetry and being transported from real life into a different era, place or time. I love that no two people interpret or imagine a book or its characters in the exact same way and I love how personal the experience is. The fact that I could actually go to University every day to read novels, short stories and poetry was a dream come true and my course choice was never going to be anything else.

When I say I love books, I mean I love BOOKS! Not kindles, or books for iPad…actual books. The smell of new books is probably one of my favourite things ever and second hand books with their creases and dog eared pages always make me wonder where they’ve been before, who owned them, where were they read and how their previous owners imagined the main character looked.

So when I heard about the man who got locked in Waterstones this week I must admit I did experience a slight pang of jealousy…imagine being locked into a book shop, all alone. He could have absolutely have had the experience of a lifetime, instead he tweeted a picture of himself and asked to be ‘rescued’. But enough about me, and my love of books and what I would have done had I been locked in that literary heaven. Lets take a look at how Waterstones handled the incident – very well in my opinion.

They initially started with a tweet confirming his release “We’re pleased to announce that @DWill_is a free man once more. Thanks for your concern and tweets!” However, it did not end here they quickly posted a blog to their website What to read when you’ve two hours on your hands… and are locked in a bookshopwhich can be seen here.

The initial tweet by the stranded Texan caused great conversation about what he could have done with his time in the bookshop, with one person suggesting he could have made the biggest book fort ever. Waterstones quick turnaround blog capitilised on this interaction brilliantly and worked to promote some of it’s products. Being so quick to respond to hot topic social media opportunities ensures you get involved right from the start and gets your company some great attention from both traditional press and internet channels. In my opinion a PR win for Waterstones.