Crocodile Rock?

06 March 2018 | Daisy Rickards

So, I’m not sure Lacoste has sold one of their iconic crocodile logo’d tees since...maybe the 80s? However, this week they’ve come back into the fashion industry with a boom and have definitely got people talking about the infamous brand.

Although I’ve never quite understood the origin or obsession of the crocodile that identifies the brand (apparently it was the founder’s nickname whilst on the tennis court! - sure), Lacoste has decided to put it to good use this week and replace the logo with an endangered species limited edition range. The brand announced this week that they would be releasing the range in collaboration with The International Union for Conservation of Nature in order to raise money for animals that are all on the brink of species-wide extinction.

In the fashion world, brands collaborate all the time, but not like this! As a fashion lover, I understand the influence that fashion has on society, and for a brand to use their audience and following in such an inspiring way and for such a good cause, they deserve to be credited. The PR team at Lacoste have come up with the perfect ‘PR stunt’ that not only promotes the brand but is all for an amazing cause.

The brand showcased the new collaboration at Paris Fashion Week this year, as well as featuring the rest of this seasons Lacoste collection that was supposed to have been inspired by a development project which saves over 50,000 trees a year.

Lacoste have got this collaboration spot on and their marketing team need a huge pat on the back for this.

We’re definitely a fan of using PR for ethical reasons here at Pic PR and we think that this is an inspiring message for all us PR fans. We are definitely behind this move from Lacoste and think that they deserve huge recognition for their latest collaboration.