Creme crackers

23 February 2018 | Daisy Rickards

So, apparently it turns out people have no life – if you hadn't already realised – and that a Tuesday night in the UK on Twitter can be completely turned upside down by… a Creme Egg. Things got scrambled when a curious fan began wondering whether she was definitely pronouncing her favourite sweet treat correctly….as you do. So, amongst her pondering, said fan decided to tweet the company to prevent embarrassment.

Now, you're probably wondering how on earth there could be another way to pronounce the chocolate egg. Or, like me, you’re wondering who on earth truly cares! Whichever it is, Twitter went crazy for it!

Fans of the Cadbury egg went in to complete meltdown when the company tweeted that it was ‘pronounced as crem’ and not cream, as the vast majority of us pronounce it, and this got Twitter users avidly tweeting hate at the company.

However, things didn’t end there, Cadbury then retracted the tweet and sent out multiple more tweets suggesting that it forgot to in fact add the ‘a’ – all good advertisement. However, the damage had definitely been done which resulted in a newsfeed full of Creme Eggs and outraged fans – if you can even class a person who loves a Creme Egg a fan?

So, if you’re like me, a page full of Creme Eggs only does one thing really...makes me want a Creme Egg! That's exactly because this whole ‘misspelling’ of the word cream was most definitely a tactical PR stunt (we’re good at spotting them) by the savvy marketing team at Cadbury. Multiple hashtags and tweets later, the company had got exactly the coverage it wanted and definitely got people talking.

Personally, I think a huge pay rise is in order for the team at Cadbury – who have a track record of head turning marketing – for making me honestly crave one of its delicious chocolatey Creme Eggs so much so, I'm writing a blog post about them (although sadly not while eating one).

However, one thing it did get me questioning was – who the real genius in this whole scandal was. I began to think just why in fact ‘creme’ is pronounced as ‘cream’...only when put in front of egg. It’s definitely not ‘cream’ fraiche...or is it?!

Whatever the peculiar reason is behind the whole stunt, Cadbury has certainly got people talking and, I'm sure, questioning whether it really is pronounced ‘cream’ after all. Oh Cadbury… when will you stop making us fall for your clever marketing and creating such havoc on social media?

Personally, after writing all of this and checking the firm’s Twitter for constant updates – I am definitely in need for some chocolate! Aren't we all? Good PR to you, Cadbury.