Creative Christmas coffee cups

03 November 2017 | Kate Owens

So Halloween is over and we’re officially now in that stage…the run-up to Christmas. You will have noticed the increase in Christmas TV adverts, I even saw one the other day about preparing for Christmas 2018. Every year, it seems the Christmas adverts are creeping onto our screens earlier and earlier.

Another sign that shows Christmas is truly upon us is (for fans of takeaway coffee at least) the introduction of the infamous Starbucks’ Christmas cups. As soon as the words ‘Starbucks’ and ‘Christmas’ enter your head, I’m sure the first images that follow are the time-honoured, decorative, red festive receptacles…but maybe not this year!

No – this year Starbucks has ditched the crimson Christmas cups in favour of mainly white versions, which have been left largely blank so that they can be coloured in. Released both in the States and the UK, the cups have the iconic Starbucks red and green splashed across some of the design, but the bulk of the scribbles are left an inviting white, in the hope that Starbucks customers will get creative and finish off the design

Given their well-known appeal, you may not be surprised to hear this decision by Starbucks has really split the nation. Many of the public seem to have sided with Costa’s Christmas cups which have kept their traditional ‘Costa-Red’ while featured Christmas figures, such as Father Christmas, a gingerbread man and a snowman. I’m afraid I’m more in that camp. Don’t get me wrong – I love a Starbucks coffee, but when you think of Christmas, the first colour that comes to mind is usually red not white (unless we’re talking snow of course). My biggest gripe with these cups though centres on who in their right mind would want to take their paper takeaway cup of stinking cold coffee home to colour in?! The last thing I’d want is the remnants of my latte leaking into my handbag!

So why has Starbucks ditched its famous red cup for a ‘DIY-colouring-cup’? Some say it’s to save the production costs of the red cups. I don’t buy it – Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. Maybe the big chiefs up in Starbucks HQ sipping on their macchiatos decided just to mix it for Christmas 2017? Maybe, maybe not. Or, is it a PR stunt? You only need to look on Twitter to see the masses commenting with their opinion on the new Christmas cup, and then you only need to ask yourself; how many of those individuals are going to go to their nearest Starbucks and buy a coffee to take a look at the coffee cups for themselves?

I’ll let you decide…