Costa Rainbow Cups

15 June 2018 | Kate Owens

Now if you’re an avid reader of my blog (and I’m sure you are...), you may remember that way back in November last year I wrote about Starbucks’ Christmas coffee cups, you know the ones, decorated above and beyond with all things Christmassy. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to start talking about Christmas just yet, I’m on the side of the fence that’s wanting this summer to last as long as possible).

And talking about what side of the fence you are, that brings me nicely to what my blog is about this week: Costa has launched limited edition rainbow coffee cups for Pride month and to support the LGBTQ+ charity GLOW (Gay Lesbian Out at Whitbread). That’s right, over the next couple of months across eight different cities, you will be able to get a really funky coloured coffee cup from Costa when you next pick up your cappuccino or vanilla latte – whatever takes your fancy! And that’s what it’s all about, supporting all the individuals who are part of the LGBT community and who have the same right as everyone else to go after what/whom they fancy!

And if you haven’t seen coffee cups, you are in for a treat – they look fabulous! I may have to travel to one of the eight cities in the UK to go pick one up for myself. I’m disappointed they’re not coming to my home-county of Herefordshire.

Costa has made it known that it’s a passionate supporter of GLOW and the LGBQT community, as last year the brand’s baristas were serving up rainbow lattes and with many Costa employees taking part in Pride marches around the country.

Costa’s MD, Jason Cotta is completely behind the campaign…

“Our all-new rainbow cups are a fun way to celebrate Pride and reflect Costa Coffee’s values of equality, and diversity”

And too bloody right, if you’re in one of the eight cities (Edinburgh, Chelmsford, London, Glasgow, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds and Cardiff), make sure you totter on down to your local Costa and pick yourself up something tasty. And if you wouldn’t mind – post* me back the cup so I can have a butchers….

(*address can be found on our contact page)