Conniving against Cadbury

12 January 2018 | Kate Owens

With one national holiday behind us, and quite arguably the biggest – Christmas – sff companies have already put their Easter PR campaigns in place, and one in particular, has been in the news lately.

Cadbury has recently launched its very own ‘Willy Wonka’ inspired Easter egg hunt. There are supposedly 371 limited edition white chocolate crème eggs in circulation and it’s up to the general public to find them. And what do you get if you find one I hear you desperately ask?

Cold – hard – cash.

That’s right, there are cash prizes ranging from £100 up to £2000. Great news right – you could win a bit of dollar just for buying your favourite sweet treat?

Well unfortunately, I don’t think Cadbury anticipated the backlash from consumers regarding its Charlie and the Chocolate Factory campaign...! Many have recently taken to social media to complain about the amount of crème eggs they are finding where the foil wrapping has been partially removed or scratched off in the bid to find a winning egg. One lady came forward in Nottingham to say that she has seen a Sainsbury’s worker looking through the eggs trying to find one which is white chocolate, she went onto say:

"This year I won't be purchasing eggs for me and my family. It was a great idea but people just ruin it for everyone else."

Unfortunately, what could have been a great campaign for Cadbury has fallen short, but not through its own fault, it simply had too much faith and trust in the general public. Solutions to the ‘attacked’ eggs have been suggested by Twitter users; one suggested that the eggs should have been packaged in sealed wrapping. However, perhaps a better solution for Cadbury’s was to make the filling inside the crème egg a different colour to the traditionally orange…Oh well, maybe that’s one for next time.

And of course it’s not Cadbury’s fault – who would have thought that the people of Great Britain would be so greedy and desperate?! But to all those playing fairly – good luck and happy hunting!