Compassion and care genuinely at the core of some brands

Compassion and care genuinely at the core of some brands

19 June 2015 | Pic PR
p>You may be aware of the sad news that six Irish students were killed when their balcony collapsed in Berkeley earlier this week. The news has stunned and saddened Ireland, my home, which has been described as ‘less a country than a large village’. The loss is immense and the heartache family and friends must be going through can not even be imagined.


Yesterday a Facebook post went viral from a man who commended Aer Lingus for their ‘compassion, care, sympathy and utmost professionalism’ in helping the families of the six students with their travel arrangements. The post has been liked over 57,000 times and shared over 4,200 times. It has also led to many other customers taking to social media sites to recount times in the past, when they were dealing with tragedy or difficulty, the airline went above and beyond with their customer care in order to make their travelling ordeal that little bit easier.

The defining feature of this brand is that they actually do CARE about their customers. They do not do it for acknowledgement or for their own gain. This is evident from the older stories coming out that they have been helping people quietly since the 70’s before ever there was social media. A lot of other brands would do well to follow their lead, stop always thinking about their bottom line and put the emotions and feelings of their customers first – it doesn’t cost anything to be nice but it can mean the world to someone.

Aer Lingus has not only done themselves proud, but done Ireland proud. Well done to a fantastic brand, continue the good work.