Everyone's getting on the coke

30 May 2014 | Pic PR

This is one of the best PR and marketing stunts I have seen in a long time. It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling – and is pretty smart too.

Coca Cola tapped into the first day nerves of college that new freshman experience and they created a stunt that not only showcases Coke, but also brings new college students together – aww isn’t that nice?! Watch vid here.

They placed a fridge full of coke bottles on an unnamed college campus in America. The bottles that where in the fridge however where not ordinary bottles of Coke. The lid to the coke bottles where not normal – and could not be opened by hand.

This was all part of the plan. The only way to open the bottles was to team up with someone’s else and twist the top of two bottles together. This clever idea created a great social stunt which helped bring freshman students together.

Coca Cola are really great at creating stunts that bring people together. To celebrate South Africas 20th anniversary year of being a democracy they created real life rainbows and projected them strategically over the streets of Johannesburg. This brought the people of Johannesburg together out in the streets, and really put a smile on everyones face.

Another stunt from Coca Cola was of course the “Share a coke”campaign where they printed names onto the front of coke bottles. This saw people buying the bottles for friends and family and many taking selfies with their new named coke bottles.

So yet again, Coca Cola have struck gold – another fab campaign. Well done guys!