Clever fridges

05 January 2017 | Tom Carter

CES is an annual technology event held in Las Vegas where companies can show off all their latest products and designs for the rest of year and basically sell themselves to the 165,000 consumers who come to the event every year. It’s also a huge PR opportunity for every technology company, with major tech press titles in attendance.

As voice commanded products are becoming more and more popular Samsung, having revealed its new smart fridge at CES last year to much acclaim, is now riding on the bandwagon of its success, and is now releasing a new version of its Family Hub Fridge. The original already came with a massive touchscreen, cameras inside and even WIFI connectivity (bit excessive for a fridge!), but now Samsung has upped the ante even further, bringing in voice control. It now links with the incredibly popular Amazon Echo so you can tell it to read out recipes and it will inform you if you need anything from the shop. Crazy.

There has also been some surprising news from a somewhat unknown phone company called Honor, which has unveiled what looks like the first phone under £250 with dual cameras. This is incredibly exciting, as smartphones with high quality cameras are way too expensive for young people who enjoy filming and taking photos on their camera but want higher quality (and who don’t want to have to beg their parents!). It also offers a lot of other high quality equipment like fingerprint sensors and full HD touchscreen.

Events like this help already big brands like Samsung gain a lot of PR for their new products but, in particular, it gives new young companies a chance to show what they can do against the big brands who dominate the market.   It’ll be exciting to see what new developments are revealed this year.