Classic snaps

Classic snaps

23 July 2015 | Pic PR

Fine art; meet Snapchat.

Not your usual partnership but Snapchat has wormed its way into the world of fine art and sculptures over in Los Angeles.

Navigating your way around Twitter, Facebook and various other platforms has become second nature to all of us, including brands and businesses. The team at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) were looking for a new audience, looking to entice a younger generation. With 250,000 likes on Facebook, half a million Twitter followers and countless more on Instagram, the museum really does have its social media game face on.

The museum knows how social media works and use it to gain a strong following. The social media team at LACMA are the kings of content and post daily on Facebook about exhibitions, historic facts, art (of course) and everything in between. Facebook is their information centre of what’s going on at the museum.

Their Instagram is full of images from in and around the museum plus a conscious effort is made to ‘#regram’ photos from visitors. With 261k followers there is plenty of content to work with.

Social media manager at LACMA, Lucy Redoglia, has recently discovered Snapchat and is showing they don’t take themselves too seriously…

Building on all the loyal followers from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Lucy has started ’snapping’ photos to a younger audience, which mainly consists of statues and classic works of art with some really comical captions.

From Beyoncé and Mean Girls quotes to references from 90’s pop music and one hit wonders. Lucy has created a Snapchat success story and one that many brands could learn from.

This is not dissimilar to the #TateWeather tag on Twitter, where the Tate posts daily images of artwork which represents the weather that day.

I think what LACMA, the Tate and any other unlikely social media marvel are showing us is simple – social media shouldn’t be looked at as a whole, all under one umbrella. Each outlet serves a purpose and it’s about using those platforms wisely for your brand or business. (Plus, it’s pretty funny and I’m off to add them to my friends list now…!)