Christmas Tree Crisps

02 October 2018 | Kate Owens

“What’s your flava? Tell me what’s your flava, mmmm”

So for those reading this and who don’t have the foggiest what I’m referring to, it is Craig David’s 2002 hit “What’s your flava?”, however I will not be talking about “them chocolate or vanilla or toffee girls’ today. No, today I am talking about different types of flavours of crisps.

Now hands down for me, my favourite flavour of crisps is classic Salt and Vinegar, however those who know me, will know that I won’t take much persuasion to eat any other flavour of crisps (or food, for that matter). And don’t get me wrong, I’ve pretty much tried them all – Beef Wellington crisps, Peking Spare Rib, Japanese Wasabi, Aromatic Curry crisps, honestly, the list goes on!

But one flavour that I am yet to try is…wait for it.

Christmas Tree flavour.

I’ll say it again.

Christmas Tree flavoured crisps.

That’s right. First of all, isn’t it a bit too soon to be dropping the C-bomb? I think perhaps wait till after Halloween! However, that’s by-the-by, let’s get back to the main point – Christmas Tree flavoured crisps! As crazy as that sounds, Iceland has gone and done it, and it’s making these festive crisps with oil from real pine needles. Firstly, thank goodness the oil is from real pine needles, as imagine the taste from artificial ones.

Secondly, I thought Iceland was essentially a land made of ice; frozen goods only. So why on earth is it branching out into these un-frozen dry delights?

Iceland’s Head Chef, Neil, has said, “The Christmas Tree Crisps have a slight ready salted flavour with a hint of pine that creates a completely new combination, unlike any other festive flavour.”

I’m not disagreeing, Neil. I’m sure it is unlike any festive flavour.

However, perhaps, Neil, you and the rest of the Iceland gang should stick to what you know best – the frozen goods. I’m sure Kerry Katona would be more than delighted to endorse your frozen canapes again this year.

Whilst for myself, I think this Christmas I’ll sit under my Norwegian Spruce Christmas Tree, inhaling that great Christmas tree smell…but nibbling on my favourite salt and vinegar crisps. I think that’s quite enough Christmas tree for me.