Christmas in August

Christmas in August

07 August 2015 | Pic PR

I love Christmas I really do. I love the build up, the cosy winter nights spent wrapping presents in front of a crackling fire while drinking hot chocolate. I love looking forward to going home and catching up with family and friends in warm pubs with hot ports and frosty windows. It really is a great time of year…however, Christmas in August!?

This week Selfridges got ahead of the game and opened their Christmas shop. The blanket coverage in national’s they have achieved for this is phenomenal it really has been a massive PR success. They have put themselves (well) ahead of the game getting in there first with their 3,000sq ft festive space and guaranteed their brand name will be on the tip of people’s tongues as they discuss the crazy move. But it is that crazy? I know so many people who count down the days until the next Christmas – the next year has barely begun and turkey barely digested before they start their countdown to the next festive season. I’m sure people will find their way into the Christmas section and may even be enticed to spend money – in August. It is a well-known fact that a large majority of people don’t plan for Christmas, leaving things until the last minute and perhaps this will encourage them to think sooner.

Traditionally Harrods opens their Christmas shop sometime at the beginning of September with Harvey Nics holding off until November. I think the coverage for he Selfridges brand has been amazing and definitely a quick PR win – but it will be interesting to see how their campaign holds up as we come closer to Christmas with big hitters like Marks and Spencers and John Lewis stepping things up a notch with their Christmas ads – always a highlight for me.

So, all in all, even though I don’t agree with Christmas in August this has been a brave but successful move from Selfridges. I think I’ll still be holding off until I dust off my mittens and wooly hat before even thinking about starting my Christmas shopping!