Chicken or Rat!?

Chicken or Rat!?

25 June 2015 | Pic PR

Unless you’ve been hiding out the past week with no access to internet or news you will have probably seen the picture of what was claimed to be a battered and fried rat served up by KFC. According to the customer in question he bought a three-piece meal from his local KFC (luckily enough for us it was all the over in California) however after biting into one of the pieces he took a closer look, on inspection he was shocked to notice that it did in fact look like a deep fried rat. So of course, the first thing he did was take a picture and post to social media. The internet went nuts over the image and within a couple of hours anyone and everyone with internet access had seen the image.

Once again KFC’s reputation was thrown into question. Publications were covering the story left, right and centre and there was no getting away from the fact that this truly did look like a rat.

However, after the consumer eventually handed over the sample to KFC a forensic lab found that it was indeed just an unfortunately shaped piece of chicken. KFC are calling for a full apology from the customer in question but as yet we have not heard anything from him.

This is an extremely unfortunate situation for KFC to be in. They haven’t done anything wrong, they weren’t given an opportunity to speak to the customer before he posted the image and now, even though it has been proven it was chicken the image of a deep fried rat will forever be engraved on my mind. In my opinion there needs to be some come back for something like this – this customer has damaged the KFC brand and in the very least should issue a full apology on social media.

It just goes to show the power and influence social media can have, and this is why every brand should be engaging with it fully and have a strategic plan in place, and also a plan for dealing with crisis situations such as these.