Cheeky cheeky

Cheeky cheeky

14 May 2015 | Pic PR

I will start this blog with a confession. I love a cheeky Nando’s.

It’s a nice little meal, not too fattening, you can add spice to take the ‘cheekiness’ up a level if you wish, or add an extra few sides for a full on ‘cheeky’ dining experience. Personally I like a bit of extra hot but only for my fries.

Now I must admit having never actually questioned the level of ‘cheekiness’ in the meal and service during my time eating at Nando’s (which is a lot). Although being that I usually go to Nando’s off the cuff I assume that makes it that little bit more ‘cheeky’.

So for anyone who is a bit confused right now, let me explain. Social media has erupted over the last few days with #cheekynandos.

It all started when it was revealed a teenager was allegedly suing the chicken giant because his experience was not ‘cheeky’ enough.

It’s still unclear if this is actually true or not, but to be honest that’s kind of by the by now.

The suing story was then responded to by someone on Tumblr asking what it all means.

It’s become a real talking point, particularly between the UK and the US, where it was first said the ‘suing’ was taking place, as it turns out our American friends don’t understand what ‘cheeky’ means in this context.

There have been a range of meme’s created, The Louis Walsh one being my favourite, as well as a whole load of people trying to explain what ‘cheeky’ means to Americans. Words like Bantersauraus Rex have been used and names like Gaz seem to appear over and over in their explanations. Hilarious.

The official Twitter sites of the chicken chain also got involved with @NandosUK responding to the @NandosUSA that they won’t understand.

Celebrities have said there’s no way of explaining what a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ mean.

Let’s face it the phrase has now entered our vocabulary, that’s if it hadn’t before.

And now @NandosUK are actively seeking the Tumblr user, who is also American, to show them what a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ is.

Obviously this is great publicity for the chain, from something that started off probably as a joke, or a fantastic idea from a PR somewhere, who knows.

I mean how many times have I written the word ‘cheeky Nando’s’ in this blog?! Don’t count, you’ll be here all day.

At the end of it all this is a ready made advertising campaign for the company and the hashtag has already been trending.

This is either genius or pure accident but either way it’s been a great bit of ‘cheeky’ PR for the chicken restaurant.

Now who fancies a bite to eat?