Cadbury Ind-egg-nation

Cadbury Ind-egg-nation

12 January 2015 | Lloyd Hughes

Oh Cadbury, what have you done?

The Cadbury’s Crème Egg has been a staple of the months preceding Easter since 1963. Chocoholics from all areas of the UK await the reintroduction of the famous confectionery on New Year’s Day, with the eggs being a well-known January diet smasher. Indeed they smashed our January office diets today. But this wasn’t down to poor willpower. This was all in the name of research.

Perusing the news this morning there was one story that caused a chorus of indignant muttering. The content of which saw the entire office indulge in an ovoid lump of calorific transgression to find out just how bad the news was. Cadbury has changed the recipe of its Creme Eggs, removing the Dairy Milk chocolate element and replacing it with “standard cocoa mix chocolate”. Apparently:

“The Creme Egg has never been called the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Creme Egg. We have never played on the fact Dairy Milk chocolate was used.”

Say whaaat? Surely that’s like taking the turkey out of Christmas dinner and replacing it with another bird? Yes, it’s a dinner you eat on Christmas day, but it’s not Christmas dinner. For me, Christmas dinner is turkey (I know it’s just a dry and less flavoursome chicken, but it’s tradition). And Cadbury’s Crème Eggs are Dairy Milk chocolate in my, and indeed millions of consumers’, eyes. And taste buds. Changing the recipe just isn’t on.

Cadbury has also cut down the usual six-pack of Crème Eggs, reducing it to five, without slashing the price to the equivalent degree. Quelle surprise.

It’s all about the money. This “standard cocoa mix chocolate” must be cheaper to integrate making it the ingredient of choice for the suits in head office.

I knew this would happen. As soon as those dastardly Kraft folk (or Mondelez International if you like) got hold of Cadbury, you just knew they’d change the recipes. Oh no we won’t they said. Oh yes you will we said. And who was right?

Commentators have said that the taste is distinctly different. In our own office, a disgruntled Michelle Sweeney said it had a ‘funny aftertaste’ that was ‘bitter’. She said it tasted like ‘cheaper chocolate’. There were a few tears. According to social media she’s not alone in that sentiment. Cadbury’s Crème Eggs just aren’t the same.

Why fix something that isn’t broken? We all know that US chocolate is inferior, so why would you want to imitate the flavour? Hersheys? I believe they got the name from horse s**t, which is reminiscent of the taste*.

Kraft swore it wouldn’t interfere with the tradition of Cadbury’s when people objected to its acquisition. But then they stopped doing chocolate coins. Now this. Where will it end?

With indignant Creme Egg fans cursing the name, it’s bad PR to you Cadbury’s, but what I really mean is it’s bad PR to you Kraft Foods, or Mondelez International or whatever you’re known as these days.

Let’s hope the people of Britain rise up and there’s a chocolate revolution that sees the original recipe reinstated.

*Or possibly Milton S. Hershey, it’s original founder.

P.S. The accompanying image has an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Sweeney’s face upon trying the new recipe eggs.