But first, let me take a selfie...ccino

10 January 2018 | Aaron Wise

Everyone loves a selfie, don’t they? Especially around the festive period. I can’t begin to fathom how many selfies were taken by those who had new clothes, jewellery or – especially – phones for Christmas.

It’s a craze that shows no signs of slowing as Snapchat allows us to share selfies taken in exotic destinations around the world, as well as whilst sat on the toilet.

I came across some good PR this week by a major department store’s coffee shop. The Tea Terrace in House of Fraser’s Oxford Street store in London has taken advantage of the festive peak in selfies by launching the ‘selfieccino’. Yes, that’s spelt correctly…the selfieccino.

The self-explanatory creation allows those who love coffee to literally have their desired selfie ‘printed’ in the foam of their beverage.

Quirky to say the least, but the concoction has worked. Since Christmas, social platforms, especially Instagram, have been plastered with images of satisfied customers preparing to drink their own faces!

I remember the days of being in awe at a leaf shape resting on top of my cappuccino, now I can print and drink a selfie of my family gathered around the table at Christmas in just four minutes, for £5.75.

Apparently, you just have to send your favourite snaps to the barista when ordering your drink via an online messaging app, who in turn applies the pic to the foam of the coffee using edible food dye and a fine art printer.

Incredible that in this day and age eating and drinking establishments are looking more towards visually enhancing their products for customers, and it’s reaping dividends for The Tea Terrace.

Excuse me whilst I sip on my selfie.