Build Your Own Burger

Build Your Own Burger

21 May 2014 | Pic PR

Ever fed up of taking the slimy pickle out of McDonald’s iconic Big Mac burger?

Well here is your chance to participate in McDonald’s “burger builder” crowd sourcing initiative which allows you to customise your perfect beef burger from a selection of 80 ingredients.

Using a Razorfish-created app, this campaign is believed to be a “great opportunity” to canvas menu ideas from customers, says McDonalds. The 12 most popular burgers will be judged by a panel including Master Chef winner and former England rugby player Phil Vickery, who will select the 5 winning burgers to be sold in restaurants.

This month long campaign aims to promote the app which will improve the number of participants and raise awareness of the customer engagement with the product. Alistair Macrow, senior vice president of food and marketing at McDonalds stated in an interview that: ‘customisation and digital engagement are becoming an integral part of how consumers interact with companies and we want to continue to innovate as a brand’.

So far it has been recorded that there have been 16,546 participants, which was recorded by a ticker counting the number of people taking part in the campaign. For those pickle haters, it has been recognised that out of the number of participants, 8% of the customised burgers have contained pickles in the ingredients, states MarketingWeek.

Customisation has proven to be successful with other campaigns such as sandwich building, with many restaurants within the fast food industry giving customers this option to their customers. The recent SubWay debate has suggested whether there is a limit to customers control over their preference in food, however this competition enables the burger designs to be controlled by the panel of experts.

So, head to the McDonald’s website and take part in the campaign which could see your beef burger standing alongside the delectable New York Classic.

Good Luck!