Britain's Selfie Queen

17 August 2018 | Kate Owens

Kim Kardashian. Self-proclaimed selfie-lover, sister of four and renowned for her rather large behind. Daughter of Rob Kardashian (close ally of OJ Simpson), and wife of international Grammy award-winner, Kanye West.

Now, I’ll tell you who isn’t Kim K…

Gemma Collins.

Apart from them both being “self-proclaimed selfie-lovers”, these two really don’t have much in common. Oh, except that of course they have essentially made their money by displaying and selling their personal lives for television (although perhaps a little too personal in Kim K’s case…).

Gemma Collins began as a car-saleswoman, but has since exploded onto our screens via The Only Way is Essex (also known as TOWIE for the ‘Baby boomers’ who may be reading this), and also appearing on other shows, such as Celebrity Juice and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (although she couldn’t really hack the latter.)

However, this week it wasn’t her Romford-docile tones we could hear on our screens, no, in fact, this week Gemma went a step further and partnered with HTC, and recreated some of Kim K’s most famous insta-pics!

That’s right, GC, stripped bare as she copied Kim’s naked selfie, though protecting her “modesty” with black strips (however, I fail to see how either of these photos are modest in any way).

In the kitchen, we can find her in her white underwear swigging from a glass of milk, and then of course there’s the infamous “beflie”, which you may pleased to hear (or you may not), the GC has also recreated!

So why were the people of Great Britain subjected to this array of pictures? Was it to promote body confidence? A new brand of fake tan? Or did the GC just get a bit bored?

Actually no, all these selfies were in association with HTC, to launch its new smartphone - U12+. And speaking of the campaign, Gemma expressed:

‘As the UK’s selfie queen, I always dreamt of re-creating some of Kim K’s most iconic pics, and I knew that the U12+ was the only phone that could do the pictures justice. I love the dual-camera on my U12+ as it makes me look fabulous and I guarantee the shots will make you do a double take.’

There she is then ladies and gents…the UK’s selfie queen. Makes you feel proud to be British, hey?

And what about HTC? That is of course why these photos were taken in the first place, to promote its U12+ model and its dual-camera properties. Will everyone be doing a double take and looking at getting a HTC? Or will everyone be doing a double take and thinking "WTAF", before buying an iPhone? We shall see…