Breathing deeply

20 October 2016 | Tom Carter

360 Video.

Seems impossible right? As a video maker and consumer I am always incredibly excited when I see new ways of making video and of making it more interactive for the viewer. The first time I ever watched a 360 video I was amazed that you could literally move the screen to see whatever you want. Just how was it done?!

Technology is pretty incredible and it’s great to see brands taking up technological advances and implementing them in their marketing campaigns. One great recent example of this is a 360 video campaign called ‘One Breath’, which has been released as part of an anti-smoking campaign from Nicorette that coincides with the UK wide ‘Stoptober’.

The 360 video allows the viewer to follow Professional Free Diver Daan Vergoeven as he free dives into the ocean. During the course of the video he talks about how he quit smoking and how the advantages of doing so made a huge impact on his lung capacity, allowing him to get into free diving and completely transform his life.

360 video is a brilliant way to promote something, because it gets people interested in the video itself and allows them to interact instead of just idly watching the video and not taking any of it in. When it’s tied in with a positive message like encouraging people to quit smoking, that’ all the better. 9.6 million adults in the UK are still smoking, so it’s a message that needs to be forced home!

At the time of writing the video has gained over 300,000 views on YouTube, which is good but it undoubtedly deserves more than this. I really hope this is just the beginning of major companies using relatively new and unknown video production methods to get their point across more efficiently and effectively. I look forward to seeing what’s next!