Body Confidence Gurus

04 September 2018 | Becky White

Unfortunately for the society of today, we live in a world where it’s accepted to edit our bodies online to make ourselves look slimmer and more toned with bodies akin to those of models. Whilst this is totally unrealistic, it’s also damaging the young minds of today; and although most of us are aware of the use of editing tools, these images we see online are still causing body confidence issues. With photoshopped pictures appearing all over social media platforms, including Instagram, it’s no wonder the men and women of today are setting themselves unrealistic body expectations.

This week, Figleaves has jumped on the body confidence bandwagon with its #beautyhasnobounds campaign – and it’s about time, in my opinion! Many lingerie brands, such as Victoria’s Secret to name but one, use catwalk models to show off their products and whilst they look great, the detrimental effects that this claims to have on the mental health of women is, surely, not worth it.

Unrealistic body images plastered all over social media are doing us no good… and it seems that Figleaves has created a campaign which may take society a step in the right direction. In a bid to challenge beauty stereotypes, the lingerie brand has cast 12 positive body ambassadors of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicities. With poses that accentuate their curves, stretchmarks, lumps and bumps, these girls really are showing the photoshopping magazine editors who’s boss. These photoshoots fall in line with Figleaves’ new autumn range, which introduces a variety of lingerie in darker nude shades and extending plus size to celebrate diversity.

This is a great campaign by Figleaves and hopefully, may spark the beginning of new societal norms. By staying away from any form of photoshopping or editing, this lingerie brand could well be setting off a new trend. And if nothing else, these shots are showing the youth of today what a real physique looks like – not what you see on the average Cosmo cover - and that their bodies are totally normal.

The Instagram posts have generated some great responses from the public, with some Instagrammers claiming that they can now change the way that they perceive themselves. If these types of PR campaigns can successfully transform our negative perceptions of ourselves into positive ones, then this is most certainly a win from Figleaves!