BMW Reverse into April Fools’ Success

BMW Reverse into April Fools’ Success

02 April 2015 | Pic PR

Yesterday our resident PR master Lloyd Hughes looked at how a number of brands capitalised on April Fools’ Day by issuing fake news in a bid to gain coverage. However, in my opinion it was BMW who won the day with their ‘reverse April Fools’ prank that left one fortunate lady unable to believe her luck.

BMW in Auckland took out an ad in a local paper, which read “April Fools’ Day Special. Be the first person to bring your car, along with this coupon, into the BMW Newmarket dealership this morning, ask for Tom and we’ll swap your old car – whatever it is – for a brand new BMW.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong but the majority of people would assume that this was an April Fools’ Joke and just continue reading the paper. But one particular person, Tianna Marsh, who actually believed the ad, went into the store to claim her prize even if she did appear a little apprehensive. Cue giggles and laughter…right!? Wrong. When she asked for Tom she was politely directed to a gentleman on the floor who in formed her she was indeed the proud owner of a brand new BMW. It was, of course all captured on camera and you can watch it here.

So a big, big PR thumbs up for BMW and their reverse April Fools’ Day prank. We’re massive fans of this one here at Pic PR. Any chance of sending a few our way, please?