Black Friday

24 November 2017 | Kate Owens

It’s here, the day that occurs once a year and only once a year. Some people love it, some people hate it, but you can’t ignore it, it’s here…Black Friday!

But is it really only once a year? From Black Friday, we now have ‘Cyber Monday’ and Black Friday isn’t only ONE DAY, it’s the entire weekend. All over the internet and throughout the shops and supermarkets, it’s impossible to miss the signs that scream “Better than Black Friday deals, get them now” and “Get the best Black Friday deals here!”. We can’t escape all this propaganda, not only is it everywhere we go, but it fills our screens, our televisions, our phones and our social media threads. It’s impossible to get away from it!

One question that I’m sure many of the “resisters” of Black Friday have though is; why did the UK, our great British country, adopt this Americanism?! Black Friday was created back in America in the 1940s as the day after Thanksgiving where you can pick up all your post-turkey discounted treats?! Does this mean in a few years, we’ll be sitting down to our own turkey Thanksgiving with our yams and cranberry sauce? I hope not!

In 2010, Amazon began offering UK customers Black Friday discounts and then in 2013, ASDA (conveniently owned by American retail-ruler Walmart) jumped on the band wagon too. It’s been getting bigger ever since, year upon year.

It doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. UK brand and company, The White Company has its very own “White Weekend” campaign running this weekend also, offering 20% off on everything. Not only are all of us consumers getting brainwashed by the Black Friday bonanza – but so are the all the UK companies! Is it going to work? Are us humble Brits going to be taken in by all the high street so-called discounts?

Of course we are! We bloomin’ love a discount. You only need to brave the streets on Boxing Day (our original SALE day), to see hordes of people swamping the high-streets of Britain. Will Black Friday continue in the UK? Well if it’s not slowing down, there’s only one way it can go and let’s be honest, we only have ourselves to blame…as I’ve already indulged in a few deals.