Big Flippin’ Gateau

23 July 2018 | Lloyd Hughes

Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes.

He also makes exceedingly big cakes, if the weekend is anything to go by.

To coincide with the launch of the baker’s limited edition range of Roald Dahl themed delicacies – including The BFG’s Strawbunkle and Cream Fancies, The Enormous Croc’s Mud Pies and Mr Fox’s Fantastic Forest Fruit Slices – food artist, Michelle Wibowo, created a 7.32m tall effigy of the BFG made entirely from Mr Kipling’s baked goods.

Using a whopping 7,500 individual cakes of various type, the edible sculpture appeared in Primrose Hill, London on Sunday and mimicked the BFG sitting on a park bench and staring at a bunch of treats whilst seemingly deciding which one to pick.

A classic PR stunt, the ol’ blow it up or float it down the Thames, is always a decent fall back option…if one often sneered at by PR peers. Plenty of attempts along these lines are snootily dismissed by PR land as unoriginal, but there’s something hugely appealing about a massive model of the BFG that you can eat. Everyone loves cake after all, so this one seems to have gone down well and has been covered by the likes of the Mirror and the Metro.

There’s no word as to what is set to happen now the sculpture has done its job and got people talking about Mr Kipling’s new Roald Dahl range, but I’d like to think they’d unleash a horde of hungry children to devour it en masse. As well as being quite the sight, I somehow think the famed children’s author would’ve been pretty pleased with that, seeing it as a very fitting way in which to celebrate his creative offering.