The Big Brand with the Simple Marketing Ideas that Work

The Big Brand with the Simple Marketing Ideas that Work

26 September 2014 | Pic PR

I am a big fan of Coca-Cola marketing campaigns and I love their latest #FriendlyTwist Campaign which ties in seamlessly with their previous #HappinessMachine and #ShareACoke.

The brand has had a presence in the marketplace since the early 20th Century and has always been smart and on point with their marketing strategy. Over the years they have altered their strategies to appeal to younger audiences by creating inexpensive content that can be shared via social media rather than pumping money into traditional advertising campaigns.

When speaking about a previous campaign Paul Iannacchino, the creative director of Definition 6, an agency that works with Coke said “We used free stuff to surprise people, but what we gave away was happiness and a smile. The key is engagement, whether you were there or just watching; free stuff was just the catalyst.”

What is key in this quote is that they ‘give away happiness and a smile’ and that ‘the key is engagement’ and this continues to be the case in the new #FriendlyTwist campaign. Here Coca-Cola has cleverly targeted college students during their first week of college. Bottles of the drink are dispensed from a vending machine but the students quickly realise that the special cap means they must find a friend to help them open the bottle before they can enjoy their drink. Watch the video here.

This campaign is fun and innovative and helps people to remember the brands promise that it encompasses happiness and sharing. The brand cleverly targets college students and helps them to break the ice and make friends at the start of term.

It is the perfect follow up for the #ShareACoke campaign where you were encouraged to share a coke with your friend when you found their name. I definitely bought a coke, one more than one occasion, when I found a friends name by chance – especially if it was a more unusual name.

The fun and innovative way they are managing their campaigns plays well with the brands own image and keeps people taking about them. I for one am looking forward to what the marketing giants at Coca-Cola come up with next and no doubt it won’t be long before it’s filling our Facebook and Twitter feeds once again.