26 May 2015 | Pic PR

What better way to embarrass late cinemagoers than to give them a massive shiner? Well not the shiner most would want to give to annoying latecomers, but Volkswagen’s latest stunt demonstrating its fresh technology sure gives late cinema arrivals in Madrid something to blush about.

I don’t know about you, but I am probably the only one of my friends that is on time to everything we do. I think I probably have some kind of phobia of being late, or maybe it’s because I’m not ‘fashionable’ enough! Yes, I know, most of you are probably looking sheepish and thinking about your track record of arrival etiquette. Well my friend, after you’ve heard about VW’s stunt for promoting its new Passat, you probably wont be running late for a movie again if you knew you might be the laughing stock of Cineworld.

VW’s latest pedestrian detection technology would seem rather dull communicated through regular media channels, but this interactive stunt exhibiting the revelation of this feature welcomes a giggle amongst the audience when late arrivals were greeted with a spotlight and blaring parking sensors continuing to sound until their seats had been reached. The stunt also reveals the underlying seriousness to appeal to an audience that may not see the witty side, exemplifying the benefits to the technology in its ability to help save the lives of pedestrians.

It was probably someone like me in the Volkswagen head office that came up with this one. Well this time folks, “sorry I’m late” wasn’t good enough – us early birds had to name and shame you! But on a serious note, the idea behind this one is great, using the best way to explain a new technology by literally showing us how it works while annoying the annoying is genius.