Best April Fools' campaigns

03 April 2017 | Pic PR

It was April Fools Day on Saturday and loads of companies and brands jumped onto the April fools’ bandwagon to promote their new ad campaigns.

Some seemed more realistic than others, however all of them were successful campaigns in one way or another.

Here’s a rundown of the PR campaigns from last weekend that may or may not have tricked me:

Coca Cola Helium

Coca Cola announced that it would be selling a new version of its popular fizzy drink called “Coca Cola Helium” which will combine the taste of Coke with the fun of inhaling a helium balloon and talking in a squeaky voice.

The only downside is having to stop your bottled drink from floating around the room.

Virgin Trains tattoo tickets

Virgin Trains took to social media to release its new tattooed train tickets called “Tick-Ink”.

The concept behind this campaign was to give train users a more permanent ticket to remove the pressure of keeping your paper ticket safe and secure whilst on your travels.

This seems like a good idea to me but what happens when you want to make multiple journeys?

Google Gnome

I’m sure that you’ve heard of Google’s home assistant Alexa, the tech giant launched a new campaign called “Google Gnome”.

This is your new garden assistant meaning that you aren’t restricted to the boundaries of your house.

A cute looking gnome which helps with the gardening will come in handy for so many ageing gardeners out there.

David Attenborough’s grime commentary

BBC Three announced that commentary king David Attenborough was set to work on a new programme called “David Attenborough: life of grime”.

This idea behind this campaign was so realistic that even grime star Stormzy thought it was true.

This is a programme of Attenborough’s that I would 100% queue up to watch. 

University of Dundee’s Penguin studies MSc

The University of Dundee announced that it would offer students with the choice to study towards a Penguin studies degree.

With the course content guide stating “Each student will receive one adult penguin to raise over the year”

Now this sounds so much better than studying something like history or geography. 

Virgin Airlines Australia’s Canine crew

Virgin went all out with the campaigns this weekend with its Airline division taking to Facebook to share its new canine crews for its Australian based flights.

The creative video showed our doggy friends boarding a flight with cabin crew to help take on the role of flight attendants.

Having a furry companion would make long flights seem so much better.

The Emoji only Beano

Comic The Beano took to Twitter to share an exclusive picture of its Emoji only edition.

Kids and teenagers love technology so what a great way to combine two popular things together.

The classic cover looked pretty normal except for the addition of Emoji speech bubbles next to the mouths of popular characters such as Dennis the Menace.

I think that releasing a PR ad campaign of April Fools’ Day is a great way of getting publicity for your brand, especially when you use social media to promote these trick campaigns.

People may not always believe what you share, however it is pretty much guaranteed that people will show this to family and friends, meaning not only do you get more social shares but you also have thousands of people talking about you.

What more could a company or brand want?

A big thumbs up from me for Coca Cola, Virgin Trains, Google, BBC Three, The University of Dundee, Virgin Airlines and The Beano.