Beauty is not only skin deep

Beauty is not only skin deep

03 July 2015 | Pic PR

One of the most powerful things I have seen this week is a video from the blogger behind My Pale Skin. Unfortunately, this young lady suffers from acne, like many people around the world. Ultimately leading to insecurities or self-confidence issues and it is not difficult to understand why after seeing what this poor young lady has had to put up with.

The video starts off with her without make up and shows only a handful of all the hurtful comments she has been bombarded with such as ‘you look disgusting’, ‘revolting’ and ‘seriously has she ever washed her face’. She then spends time putting on her make up to cover up her imperfections and gets some nice comments followed by some further nasty jibes, this time ‘You’re so ugly that’s why you wear make up’ and ‘Imagine waking up next to her in the morning.’

Acne is something which cannot be controlled, it is something which people of all ages struggle to deal with on a daily basis and gives rise to nasty comments leaving people struggling to see the beauty in themselves. All over social media at the moment are campaigns urging people to love themselves and promoting body confidence, but people need to take a step back and start to realise that size and shape are not the only things that make people need reassurance that who they are is beautiful – and I think this blogger hits the nail on the head.

This is a wonderful campaign with a hard-hitting message and no doubt will raise the profile of this blogger massively. She may have just wanted to get the message out to people in her position that everyone is beautiful but she has made herself (whether intentionally or not) the poster girl for inner beauty…a great piece of PR for herself and her blog. Well done!!!