02 March 2018 | Kate Owens

Crisis management….. two words and something that can often come up in the world of PR. Whether it’s an accident at a theme park, flights delays or an extreme dose of food poisoning at a restaurant. PR companies can often be faced with managing the mishaps that happen in companies. But, we know how to go around dealing with these problems so that our companies don’t take on a bad reputation.

However, I will tell you a certain ‘organisation’ that is not good at crisis management…. The UK. Now unless you were living under a rock or in a hole this week, you will have heard about #TheBeastfromtheEast and then to make matters more complicated – Storm Emma.

As a nation, we are awful at dealing with heavy snow, storms and blizzards. And every time they come around you can hear the same old mutterings of “How do other countries fare so well?” and “Oh, we’re stuck, best stay inside” etc etc. And we’re right to an extent – other countries do fare a lot better than us; #TheBeastfromtheEast came from Siberia and I bet they aren’t whining and whimping about the weather over there. But I suppose that is due to the fact that they have these weather conditions more frequently than us and they know how to still get up in the morning, go to work and generally survive. The Britons…. Not so much.

You only had to listen to the news on Thursday to hear that people had been stranded on the M80 for over 17hours! 17hours! That is crazy and yes – that is life-threatening! How could we let this happen to our fellow folk, how can we not overcome Mother Nature’s obstacles? If you were listening to Radio 1 this week, you will have heard that Greg James had to cut his ‘Pedal to the Peaks’ challenge short as the conditions were so bad. BBC weather expressed that of all the years Greg James has worked at Radio 1 (that is 11 years by the way…), this was the worst week to ever to do this challenge.

And finally, here’s the hitch, this week wasn’t the first week that we’ve been struck by this weather, it wasn’t the first week people have had to abandon their cars and it wasn’t the first week where people’s lives have been at risk. It was only a few months ago late last year that we had a bout of snow and awful weather. And strangely enough, Storm Emma and #TheBeastfromtheEast aren’t going to be the last unfriendly omens to come aboard our shores.

So my question is, even after all the years of bad weather and with the technology that can accurately predict the weather in the coming weeks and months – are we, The UK – so bad at crisis management?