Banish the blues

24 January 2018 | Jo Doverman

January is a long month for many a reason; it’s been five weeks since pay day (ouch), there’s no cheese left from Christmas, it’s grey and gloomy almost every day and to top it off, almost everyone you know is banging on about their dry or vegan January challenges.

January is also a time where fad diets are more popular than ever and suddenly, your gym classes are full of people you never see throughout the rest of the year… Where did they come from? Where do they go when February hits?

What’s mostly needed in January however, is a total detox – which helps explains the gym newbies! We’ve probably all consumed far too many biscuits and drank far too much wine towards the end of 2017 and spent countless hours watching Netflix. Basically, our minds and waistlines need a little TLC in January… In the Pic PR office, we’re smashing fitness Fridays every week and the lunchtime salads are out in full force!

Another company tackling the January blues is Viking, the global office supplies company.

In a bid to totally banish the blues in its offices, a totally bespoke vending machine will dispense a selection of weird and wonderful treats to brighten up the otherwise dreary days.

The machine will dispense ‘last minute supplies’ such as a shirt and tie, deodorant, phone chargers and birthday cards. The machine also offers illness support, stress relievers and motivational boosters which includes vitamins, green tea, a ‘get out of work free’ card and gym day passes – ideal!

While the aim of the vending machine is to boost productivity, I’m fairly sure most Viking employees will be spending their days desperately trying to snag the ‘get out of work free’ card or the desk pillow for a cheeky afternoon snooze…

Regardless of how useful the vending machine is, it’s a bit of harmless PR fun and highlights the fact Viking has got you covered for every office eventuality; from stationery emergencies to forgetting Janet in accounts birthday.