Bald Cartoons

Bald Cartoons

23 April 2014 | Liz Bowen

I am pro absolutely anything that raises awareness for Cancer (including that makeup free selfie craze that so many people bad mouthed WHICH raised over £8 million in 6 days…just FYI). So, when I saw this campaign, it really touched my heart.

April is Cancer Awareness Month in Brazil and a children cancer hospital – GRAACC has created a campaign to support the very ill kids.

We all know how much kids love cartoons so; famous characters from all over the world have gone bald together! They are sending out a message to not only let children know that its okay to not have hair but that they deserve to be treated like any other child.

The video explains how children and parents feel and what they have to go through everyday, it reminds you that these children are fighting for their lives. Beware, it’s a tear jerker!

Characters like Popeye, Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Garfield have jumped on board and really help the children to feel the way any other child should feel – not ashamed of the way they look.

The campaign has its own website – and all of the images are available to download. Hopefully more cartoons characters will come on board and help spread the powerful message that cancer needs to be stopped.

Campaigns like this deserve all the publicity in the world. They not only promote a cause which everyone should be helping but a positive message to those who really need it.