Aye, Aye Captain!

16 December 2016 | Pic PR

Last year for Leicester City was a fairytale. An underdog story played out in real life, rather than on the silver screen. The Foxes, unfancied and written off as relegation-fodder before a ball had even been kicked, somehow managed to finish the year as Premier League champions.

And at the heart of it all was their captain, Wes Morgan. A player who had spent most of his career in the second tier of English football. A journeyman in the truest sense of the word.

Today, Wes Morgan signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with Captain Morgan’s rum. As the captain of newly-famous Leicester City, and with his last name being “Morgan”, it’s an easy fit. Also, both Wes and the brand hail from Jamaica. But it’s unusual for a footballer to be associated with a drinks company that doesn’t deal in isotonic energy drinks.

And what’s even more unusual (and quite hilarious) are the terms of Wes’ new contract.

Wes’ contract stipulates that he dress as Captain Morgan at all fancy dress events. That he be entitled to enter licensed premises and purchase a “Captain and Cola” for each patron (over the legal age, of course). That prior to ordering, Wes will turn and face said patrons, extend his arms above his head in a “Y” shape and declare: “There’s only one Captain Morgan”. The contract also asks of Wes that, if he spots a person that has had a little too much, he approach them and say: “Only anchors go overboard. Please drink responsibly 

Wes posted a snapshot of the contracts “terms” on his Twitter account. It’s not hard to see why. The feel-good factor of Leicester’s title win last year is still being felt (it’s doubtful that that will ever wear off for the club’s fans) and it’s good PR for both the brand and the player.

Of course, nobody is expecting the new Captain Morgan to have to perform every time he goes into a bar for a drink. Or to buy round after round of rum and coke. But it’s funny to imagine. And it’s also pretty funny that the company’s lawyers included these clauses, if only for comic effect.

But, also, if I walk into a bar and see Wes Morgan, I’m going to ask him to do all of the above. Because, you know, he’s like legally bound now!

All hail the captain!