Throughout each week the Pic PR team pic apart good and bad PR stunts that have recently taken place, and write a few thoughts. We also like to comment on other things happening in our world too. So have a read…


Imagine looking forward to your holiday only for your flight to be cancelled days before. Annoying, right? Well unfortunately, it’s just one of those

No Hope, No Glory

There’s nothing worse than getting all excited to go to an event, only for it to be cancelled at short notice. That’s exactly what festival goers at Hope

Don't forget to double check

Proofreading is a very important job in any publication. Occasionally we might see a minor error in an article, such as someone’s name spelt wrong, but

No such thing as perfect

In the majority of advertising, the face of the brand is key. We typically see good looking, flawless faces with big smiles. But of course we know, most

Lock the doors

Live television. It’s a risky business. We’ve all seen bloopers that have occurred live on air. Once they happen they’re hard to shake off, especially