April Fools 2018

04 April 2018 | Daisy Rickards

When it comes to creating a witty PR stunt, April Fools’ really allows the most perfect of opportunities. And, luckily for those participating companies, this year it just so happened to fall on Easter Sunday. Naturally, the theme was pretty consistent - and covered in chocolate.

If scrolling through your phone on Sunday morning felt like being in a very strange, alternate universe and the thought of Belgian chocolate mayo actually sounded rather great - you were definitely not alone. The odd, yet entertaining, day of April Fools’ always gets people talking - something our beloved household brands like to take advantage of.

After being shamefully disappointed at the fact that the whole chocolate mayo situation was all an April Fools’, my Facebook timeline continued on ‘fooling’ me throughout the day.

In particular, on discovering that Burger King was introducing a chocolate burger with vanilla frosting and raspberry syrup - *drools* - I started to panic that my local chain was no longer and that I would now need to travel to get my hands on said burger. I became rather ashamed after reading through the ‘great April Fools’!’ comments.

However, the fun definitely didn’t stop there. Rather oddly, Netflix jumped at the opportunity to promote a new comedy special, featuring Seth Rogen and confused fans with an interesting synopsis of the new show. It suggested that the actor now ‘belongs to Netflix’ and that he will ‘transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy’. However, many fans weren’t quick to spot this; Netflix has a history of interesting film synopsis’ on the site.

Amongst my favourites was what the marketing team at Coca-Cola had come up with for the special day. Probably wanting to take full advantage of advertising its - real - four new flavours of its infamous diet coke, the brand decided to bring out three more flavours...with a difference.

Avocado flavoured Coke was up first and what better flavour to choose for today's Instagram generation’s obsession with the green… fruit? It tweeted ‘you were already thinking it, we just made it happen’, however, although I am a huge fan of the drink I wouldn’t suggest I have ever wished for this combination. As well as Avocado flavour, people could also be able to delight in a charcoal flavour or even a sourdough version.

I was definitely glad, out of them all, to discover that this was in fact an April Fool’s and we were not going to be encountering these new flavours on the shelves any time soon.

Overall, April Fools’, as always, didn’t disappoint. Companies went to town at spreading ‘fake news’ across our social media channels and left us questioning just what bizarre products we’re prepared to invest in.

This unique day allows for some great PR and to get people talking, all whilst being just a bit of fun. We look forward to next year.