Apple’s Battery Nightmare

04 October 2016 | Billy Thompson

The iPhone 7 was only released two weeks ago; however, it’s already receiving some serious slating.

Apple’s newest device in the iPhone family is said to be the ‘best model yet’ however new tests are proving otherwise. The iPhone was shown to be the worst out of three competitors; the Samsung Galaxy S7, the HTC 10 and the LG G5.

The tests were simple; which phone has the best battery life for 3G call time and 3G internet use. The iPhone 7 came last in both tests, whereas the HTC 10 took the victory on both occasions.

This is Apple’s second issue within the last month. The previous one being the major bug issues with the latest iPhone operating system iOS10. The updated operating system caused many iPhone users to lose access to Wi-Fi, iMessage and phone calls. Some users even reported their devices overheating. But once again the same issue occurred with the bad battery life, with many users’ iPhone battery being drained in only a couple of hours.

Personally as an iPhone user, I am sick of the issues surrounding the device’s battery life. I take a charger everywhere I go in hope of finding an empty plug socket or USB port.

So why don’t I just swap my smart phone for a HTC or a Samsung you ask? Well I along with millions of other people in the UK (Apple holding a 46% share in the smartphone market), do still believe the iPhone is the best smartphone available. However, I do think Apple need to sort its issues out quick before they start losing loyal customers.

From a PR perspective this is bad news for Apple. The company’s reputation is getting worse and its competition is only getting better. Some serious changes need to be made to ensure Apple remains the leading smartphone market leader. A good place to start would be working on its batteries.