Another John Lewis Christmas cracker

10 November 2017 | Jess Seal

Would you believe it? It’s a year to the day that I wrote about the 2016 John Lewis advert right here on the blog.

So, when the 2017 John Lewis advert was revealed this morning, it seemed only right that I write about it again.

For those who haven’t seen it, the main premise of the advert is about a young boy called Joe and his unlikely friend, Moz the Monster who lives under his bed.

Each night Joe and Moz play games and stay awake until the early hours. Over time Moz realises the late nights are taking their toll on Joe, and he’s struggling to stay awake in the day.

So, for Christmas, Moz buys Joe a night light. As Monster’s only come out in the dark, this sadly means that Joe and Moz must say goodbye to one another. We see Joe going to sleep one evening with his night light on, and there is no sign of Moz. However, as the ad comes to a close, Joe quickly turns the night light off and you hear the familiar grunt of Moz. We see a little grin from Joe before he switches the light back on again, leaving that fuzzy warm Christmas feeling that John Lewis loves to create. Or does it?

Many critics are saying the advert isn’t Christmassy enough, it doesn’t make sense, that Moz resembles 2017 and will grind you down and ruin your concentration.

Every year, John Lewis brings its advert out to try and give the public a bit of Christmas cheer, and people slate it! I don’t think it will ever have a year when everyone loves it, and I’m sure this is expected.

But what John Lewis does so well, is the PR and Marketing behind the advert. At the end of the day, retailers create adverts to sell their products, and that’s exactly what this does.

The week started out with the reveal of the M&S advert, so everyone then starts questioning, ‘I wonder when the John Lewis one will come out’. John Lewis then created an @UnderTheBed2017 Twitter page, as well as the #UnderTheBed hashtag, Each day a short video clip of Moz the Monster’s eyes looking around is revealed and last night the @MozTheMonsterJL account was created. It is then announced on the account the advert would be out today at 8am!

All week, we’ve been anticipating the arrival of the advert, we’ve been talking about John Lewis, we’ve been looking at its old adverts, we’ve been going on its site for clues and that’s exactly what makes this such a good Christmas campaign.

After the advert release, it’s then revealed that all Moz the Monster merchandise has already been created and is on sale at John Lewis. Quite simply John Lewis has created a Christmas character for its 2017 season and used him to generate awareness and sales. The mega brand does this each year, and each year it never fails.

You might not like the advert, you might not understand it, but there is no denying the fact that this advert has got us talking about Moz and about the store, and that’s exactly what John Lewis wants you to do.

Well done, John Lewis, another stellar performance, and if you want my opinion, I like the advert.