Angry Orange Baby

10 July 2018 | Becky White

Playing pranks on others is second nature to us Brits. We love a good old joke, such as the classic tucking a whoopee cushion in to your Dad’s desk chair. But there is a line, and it seems as a nation, we may have crossed it. Blowing up a giant balloon and flying it 20ft into the sky to mock the President of the US really is the ultimate prank – it seems we’ve reached a whole new level. On Friday 13th July, a six-metre balloon depicting Donald Trump as an ‘angry orange baby’ with a nappy is planned to be flown over the Houses of Parliament during Trump’s visit to the UK.

Attempting to humiliate Donald Trump worldwide, over 10,000 “Stop Trump” protesters have raised £18,000 for the balloon to be made. £18k is a heck of a lot of money, which frankly could be better spent elsewhere. It seems that these protestors are so passionate about their feelings for Trump that they are prepared to spend it on a balloon that will float for just two hours.

It’s a lot of effort to put into one stunt for someone they don’t like. Some observers, not least Piers Morgan on GMB this morning, see it as seriously disrespectful to the leader of what is essentially Britain’s biggest ally (although, we’ll take self-serving Piers with a pinch of salt). Others, of course, are in full support and see it as fair game to insult President Trump.

Although Trump is an extremely divisive leader, is this a step too far? While I applaud the ingenuity of the stunt, would it have been done for other world leaders with less than savoury reputations? I somehow doubt it.

Perhaps not the most picturesque of additions to the Houses of Parliament, this giant orange balloon will inevitably offend the notoriously thin-skinned Trump upon his arrival. Londoners in support of this stunt, on the other hand, will be enjoying every second of it, as entertainment takes on a whole new form.

Considering the current state of Brexit negotiations though, we could, as a nation, probably do without upsetting the apple cart when it comes to key trade partners, even if personal opinion of Trump borders on disgust.

Yes, some of Trump’s policies are appalling and people have every right to protest, but this kind of stunt does cheapen Britain’s reputation somewhat with its lack of decorum. While we might be a nation of pranksters, do we want people to regard us as a joke too? The Brexit negotiations are doing enough of that already…